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Bike Mechanic Vacancy

This could be your opportunity to work for one of the UK’s leading Cycling retailers. First established in 1981, Hargroves Cycles are a recognized cycling retailer in the South of England who are trusted by the cycling community.  We ensure the products and services needed by cyclists are readily available at the best possible prices, supported by the highest levels of customers service.   Hargroves Cycles reaches the rest of the UK and internationally through its website, an online destination for the cycling community seeking out the latest products from the industry’s leading brands.

Bike Mechanic – Monday to Friday

Location: 150 Commercial Road, Totton, Southampton SO40 3AA
Hours: Full time (Mon-Fri)
Salary: £20,000-£24,000 – depending on experience

Hargroves Cycles are looking for an experienced Bike Mechanic to join our Websales team based in Southampton. We are looking for someone who has a passion for cycling, holds a recognized qualification as a cycle technician (Cytech Level 2 or equivalent experience), and can demonstrate a proven track record as a cycle mechanic.

About The Job

The ideal candidate will have good experience of building and maintaining all bike types, good knowledge of Shimano and SRAM groupsets and a clear desire to work as part of a strong and committed team. If this sounds like you and you feel you have what it takes to build, repair, and maintain high-end cycling equipment, then we would love to hear from you!

Your Role

  • Building and inspection of all bike types including performing adjustments to PDI standard
  • Packaging of bikes for dispatch in an efficient and professional manner
  • Basic Warehouse operations such as booking in of stock, safe manual handling of deliveries and boxed bikes
  • Play an active role in maintaining an efficient stock management system
  • Occasional driving of company van preferred, but not essential

You’ll Need The Following Skills

  • Good technical knowledge of an extensive range of bikes (including e-bikes) and cycle equipment
  • A Cytech Level 2 qualification or equivalent industry experience with additional training provided to the successful candidate
  • Ability to work in an efficient manner to meet required deadlines
  • Good knowledge of Shimano and SRAM groupsets
  • A keen eye for detail
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Have a basic computer competency

Enjoy our benefits

  • Highly competitive salary
  • Trade price staff purchase scheme on products including bikes, parts, accessories and clothing
  • Pension contribution scheme
  • Cycle to work scheme
  • 28 days holiday including bank holidays
  • Secure indoor bike storage

Working Hours

Full time – Monday to Friday (Flexible hours available).


£20,000-£24,000 dependant on experience

How to apply

Please apply by sending a copy of your CV and covering letter to: with the subject header Bike Mechanic – Monday to Friday

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Wahoo Speedplay Zero Pedal Review

Weight: 221g per pair

Best foot forward…
As a longtime Speedplay Pedal user I must admit when rumours started to fly that Wahoo had acquired Speedplay I was excited. With Wahoo being one of favourite brands here at Hargroves Cycles, we look forward to all their product launches, this one however certainly had my attention. So, when I had a chance to get my hands (or feet) on the redesigned Wahoo Speedplay Zero Stainless Steel Pedals I jumped at the chance. Now, having covered some KM’s with them (despite the great British summer weathers’ best efforts to stop me) I can give my thoughts on what Wahoo has achieved with their updated take on an icon of the road cycling pedal world.

On the surface the pedals don’t appear hugely different, given the success of Speedplay’s previous pedal offerings that’s no real surprise. The pedals still have their unique lollipop appearance, the engagement system remains within the cleat rather than the pedal. There are some subtle differences however, the cleat covers are now black or grey (dependant on if you have the Standard or Easy Tension Cleat), the easily identifiable yellow is a thing of the past sadly. The metal surrounds of the pedal now encase the whole perimeter, the grease ports have been removed thanks to updated bearings there simply is no longer a need for them. Oh and they say Wahoo in the middle now.

Engaging stuff
One of the best features of Speedplay pedals (other than the way they look) is the dual-sided entry. It makes clipping in super simple, you just stand on the pedal and away you go. I’ve always found it to give me confidence when getting away from a busy road junction without the need to flip your pedal round into position. Wahoo have kept this feature on all their Speedplay pedals other than the Aero models. The reassuring ‘click’ when you engage the pedal still remains with the Standard Tension Cleats supplied with the Zero pedals, if you in the past have found that to be a little too hard, Wahoo now offer an Easy Tension Cleat which is supplied as standard with the Comp pedals.

Stack height remains minimal, noticeably lower than anything offered by Shimano or Look for example. With just 11.5mm stack height when using the 3 hole bolt system they ensure that you have maximum power transfer with every pedal stroke. Walkability has been further enhanced also, if you’re a long-time user of Speedplay you’ll remember just how lethal those exposed metal cleats could be. Thankfully Wahoo supplies as standard, a leave-on rubber texture cover for the cleats making walking a doddle. These covers also protect the cleat, providing you keep on top of cleaning/lubing your cleats they should certainly last far longer than any exposed plastic cleat.

Speedplay Pedals have always been famed for their adjustability, whether it be the high level of float offered or the fore/aft and left/right placement of the cleats. They offer such a wide variety of foot positions on the pedal that they just about suit everyone. Make no mistake, previous versions of these pedals have been a lifesaver when I experienced IT Band pain some years back thanks to the ability to micro-adjust the fitment down to a tee. Wahoo has kept that level of adjustability with the updated pedals which offer up to 15 degrees of free float and 3-axis cleat adjustment. Getting your cleats set up correctly can be slightly more time-consuming than other cleats but it’s certainly worth it.


Wahoo has slimmed down the range of Speedplay pedals and simplified their offering. Currently, the range features 4 pedals, the Speedplay Comp Chromoly pedals, The Speedplay Zero Stainless Steel pedals, The Speedplay Aero Stainless Steel pedals and the range-topping Speedplay Nano Titanium pedals with two cleat options in the form of the Standard and Easy Tension.

Are Wahoo Speedplay Pedals for me?
If you’re in the market for a new set of pedals for your Road bike or perhaps your Wahoo KICKR Bike I really can’t recommend enough the Wahoo Speedplay Pedals. Wahoo has taken an already race-proven product and made it better. They offer adjustability that is second to none, unparalleled stack height and will keep any weight weenie happy. Wahoo has addressed any of the previous issues that users experienced with the Speedplay pedal system. They really are one of the most complete road cycling pedal systems on the market. I’ve now covered around 1000km on this test set and as you can see they’re wearing really well, if you look after the pedals and cleats they’ll certainly last a long time. Durability certainly isn’t an issue here. While some may find the setup process a little long-winded, others will revel in the levels of customisation on offer. If you’re someone who is looking for the perfect bike fit, they certainly might just be the solution you’re looking for!

The Wahoo Speedplay pedal range is available at Hargroves Cycles now.

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How to choose a bike helmet for a child

The most important factor in choosing a Bike Helmet for a child is understanding the size. Once you which size helmet your child needs (discussed in a previous article here), you’ll need to decide which helmet is the right one for them. In this article, we discuss the factors that can determine which helmet you should buy for your child and why.

First of all, understanding the type of riding your child will be doing needs to be taken into account. Will they be riding their own bike, or are they going to be riding with you in a bike seat or trailer? If your kid is going to riding along in a bike seat or trailer, a helmet with a smoother, flat back will prevent it from being pushed forward on their head during a ride.

If not, you may want to consider what they’ll be using their helmet for. If in their spare time there’s a chance of them heading down the skatepark or out on a scooter then consider a skater-style helmet such as THE……. with it’s additional coverage. If it’s just days on the trails riding alongside friends and family, a traditional bike helmet like the……. will be the way to go, offering a lighter, more adjustable and breathable option. This tends to be the more common choice for most parents.

Next up you can take a look at the buckle options available. It may not seem like something you need to worry about, providing it keeps your kid safe and secure in their helmet, but it can be a big deal. A standard buckle is the classic tried and tested option, simply clip it into place and rest assured your child’s helmet is secure. Be careful not to pinch them when fastening it however as it can put them off wearing a helmet in the future if it’s a painful experience. Magnetic buckles offer a wonderful pinch-free alternative and are becoming more common on kids’ helmets.

Adjustability plays a big part in which helmet you might opt for, different manufacturers use slightly different internal adjustment systems. The most common being a traditional dial adjuster at the back of the helmet. Some will come with different size internal padding, with these you can simply swap out in removable internal pads for varying thickness pads to find the best fit. In addition to internal adjustment systems quite often you will find strap sliders, these allow you to adjust where the ‘V’ of the strap sits below the ear. Proper adjustment is essential to prevent the helmet from tilting forward or back.

Visors offer additional protection in a way that may have not even crossed your mind. Keeping the suns’ harmful rays out of kids’ eyes not only protects their eyesight, but also makes their ride a far more enjoyable experience. After all they want to see where they’re going and take in all the fantastic sights along the way!

Multiple Impact Protection System – MIPS
MIPS is offered on several of our kids’ helmets now. It’s a fantastic additional safety feature that in the worst-case allows energy from an impact to be absorbed by the helmet no matter what direction the impact is from. Studies show that MIPS can decrease risk of brain injury by up to 30%.

Some kids’ helmets even come equipped with built in lights ensuring your child stays safe and seen when riding their bike! While not all helmets feature a light most will have some reflective details for maximum visibility.

Shop our range of Kids Helmets from brands such as MET, Specialized and Troy Lee Designs to make sure your child is protected for every ride. If you need further assistance with finding the right helmet for your child visit one of our stores located in Southampton, Winchester, Chichester and Swindon.

Buying Guide Kids Safety

What Size Bike Helmet Does My Child Need?

Cycling is fun for all the family and getting the kids involved is one of the best ways to make sure they live an active, healthy lifestyle while enjoying endless fun. Ensuring your child wears a helmet for every ride, no matter the duration is incredibly important. Making sure their helmet fits correctly is equally as important. Not only is an ill-fitting helmet uncomfortable to wear, but it also doesn’t offer the level of protection a correctly fitting helmet will.

How to measure your child for a bike helmet.

Here we’ve put together some simple steps to ensure you find the right size helmet for your child using some very basic tools! All you need is a fabric tape measure or, if you don’t have one, you can use a piece of string.

  1. Wrap the tape measure (or string) around your child’s head, about an inch above the eyebrows. Make sure the tape measure is level all the way round!
  2. Take the measurement (in cm) from here. If you used a piece of string mark or cut where the string overlaps and measure the length with a ruler.

Checking the helmet fits

Now you have the measurement of your child’s head you can determine which helmet your child needs. All of our Kid’s helmets have a handy size chart to tell you the size range in cm. Once you’ve got the helmet just run through these basic checks to ensure it’s the perfect fit!

  1. Pop the helmet on. It should cover most of the forehead with just enough space for your middle and forefinger together directly above the eyebrows. 
  2. Adjust the dial on the helmet to ensure there isn’t too much side-to-side or back-to-front movement. If your child can shake their head without the helmet moving, great job just make sure it’s not too tight. If you can fit a full finger between the back of their head and the helmet, then it’s too loose.
  3. Then, adjust the straps to ensure they fit evenly and snug. Make sure your child can still open their mouth comfortably and that the straps are properly placed around their ears.
  4. Gently push the helmet backward, and then for forward to ensure it’s nice and secure.

Adjusting as they grow

It’s good practice to check on the fitment of your kid’s helmet from time to time. As they ride the straps may loosen and you want to make sure they’re always properly protected. Equally, as they grow you may find you need to adjust the straps and dial to accommodate for this. Just remember all the steps above and you’ll keep riding happily and safely!

Shop our range of Kids Helmets and make sure your child is protected for every ride.

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The Santa Cruz Bronson is back and it’s rocking a new haircut…

Santa Cruz are a firm favourite amongst our customers as well as the team here at Hargroves Cycles. Just seeing those letters on any downtube envokes child-like giddiness from even our most seasoned members of staff. Their Bronson is a particular favourite thanks to the breadth of versatility it enjoys. Don’t put Bronson in the corner, chances are it’ll ride out of it and whoever’s onboard is bound to grinning ear-to-ear. With news of the 2022 4th generation Santa Cruz Bronson’s arrival you’ll be in no doubt of the buzz around the place when we realised we were going to be lucky enough to get our hands on one for release day. Here we take a look at the all-new bike in a bit more detail and what makes it so special, other than that glorious ‘Paydirt Gold and Grey’ paintwork.

When the Santa Cruz Bronson arrived back in 2013 along with it’s trademark 150mm travel it signaled the start of Santa Cruz’s 27.5″ wheeled journey. Fast-forward eight years and they’ve gone all business at the front, party at the back (don’t call it mullet though) with a mixed wheel size set up. Keep things fun and stylish in the rear thanks to the 27.5″ wheel while the now 29″ front wheel helps you roll into and over everything. The 160mm fork might assist with that a little bit too. That means roosting mad loam for the ‘gram with all-new levels of confidence has never been easier. The new Bronson promises to be super responsive at the back for turning and lifting while giving more traction and stability upfront than ever before.

To match the new wheel setup Santa Cruz has introduced all-new geometry for the Bronson meaning there’s enough room to run any coil or air shock. The 150mm VPP travel is more than enough travel to handle any situation while the design ensures no energy is wasted while you’re climbing. Clearance for up to a 2.6″ rear tyre and 223mm rear brake disc rotor takes care of the traction and stopping. All this equates to a bike that you can roll out of the shed without worrying about the type of riding you’ll be doing, it’s the best of all worlds!

The carbon frame is not only stunning but also supported by a lifetime warranty so you can ride safe in the knowledge Santa Cruz will repair or replace determined to be defective in materials or workmanship. Oh there’s crash replacement support too! Santa Cruz’s push for sustainability is real and we certainly admire that “Why scrap a frame when a simple bearing service can make one last a lifetime?” We couldn’t agree more. All of this paired with some super trick details such as mud flap to protect the rear shock, internal cable routing, rubberized DT protectors to handle knocks and threaded BB keep things super serviceable.

The 2022 Santa Cruz Bronson sits well placed within their range of bikes as a solid longer travel all-rounder. Available in a range of well-equipped guises and two striking colour options in the form of Paydirt Gold or Gloss Moss you’ll certainly get some admiring glances on the trail whether it be going full send on the way down or pedaling up as you cruise past the energy-sapping Enduro rig riding crew!

Shop our range of Santa Cruz Bikes available online and in any of our Hargroves Cycles stores to see what we have in-stock. Whether it’s a massive travel downhill machine, enduro, all mountain full-suspension, hardtail cross country mountain bike or gravel/cx bike you’re after, Santa Cruz have you covered.

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Specialized Kenevo SL

“No e-MTB is lighter and more capable.”

A bold claim indeed from Specialized. Following up on the arrival of last years’ Levo SL, Specialized have released the all-new Kenevo SL and we had our hands on one of the Expert models for release day.

At the time of release the Levo SL was a stand-out bike, being one of the lightest electric mountain bikes available, based around the Stumpjumper and weighing just 38 pounds. Building on this technology Specialized has gone one better, taking the ever-popular Enduro and electrifying it with their 240 Watt Turbo Super Light system to create the Kenevo SL. Weighing in at just 40.9 lb (for the size S4 S-works model) this thing is super light (get it) and only 8 pounds heavier than a standard, non-electric Enduro, or 12 lb less than the Turbo Kenevo.

While the S-Works Kenevo SL is the range-topping model, we got our hands on the Kenevo SL Expert version, which still packs one mighty punch, especially in the Gloss Brassy Yellow colourway! The frameset at a glance is frighteningly recognisable, you’d be forgiven for mistaking it for the current Enduro, the Kenevo SL boasts a few tricks up it’s sleeve however in comparison with its fully pedal-powered equivalent.

The Turbo Super Light motor and 320Wh battery are fully integrated in the chassis to improve handling responsiveness while allowing for up to 4.5 hours of rider support, which makes for some serious shred time. Allowing for a pedaling cadence of 75 RPM or more you can seamlessly control the power delivery via the Handlebar remote while keeping a close eye on things thanks to the MasterMind TCU display perfectly placed on the top tube, with customisable display fields.

Specialized equipped the Kenevo SL with adjustable Geometry too, six distinct settings allow you to tune the bike to handle just how you like it. This thing really is built to be ridden over or down pretty much anything. With 170mm of fully usable travel mean elevated ride quality on the trail. Specialized put it quite simply, they’ve never made a more adjustable and adaptable trail bike. Let alone one that essentially doubles your pedaling output! Frame sizes are based around Specialized’s S-Sizing system which accounts for rider size and style rather than inseam. When selecting which size to go for you can choose that which best suits your individual style, smaller sizes are more nimble and playful while bigger account for a roomier, more stable ride. All sizes have fairly short seat tubes which make it easier for riders to size up or down depending on which they prefer.

The Kenevo SL Expert model is well equipped, there’s not a single component that hasn’t been carefully selected and well thought out. SRAM’s superb X01 Eagle 12-speed groupset with 10-52T cassette gives a 520% gear range ensuring efficiency on even the most brutal climbs. 1x components mean Eagle is lighter, more durable and easier to use than ever. You could even upgrade to wireless shifting using one of SRAM’s GX Eagle AXS wireless upgrade kits should you want an even more simplistic approach.

FOX Float X Performance 170mm forks paired with a FOX Float X Performance shock ensure travel is supple on small bumps while remaining super capable when the trail gets tough. 29″ Wheels front and rear still deliver a ride that’s nimble while optimizing traction and control. The Specialized Butcher GRID TRAIL front and Eliminator GRID TRAIL rear 29×2.6″ tyres make sure of this. SRAM Code RS 4-piston brakes keep everything well under control when descending and the 220/200mm rotors certainly help. The X-Fusion manic dropper post allows for extra room in that area as and when it’s required. Specialized really did pour some serious hours into developing this bike and it shows!

Specialized’s Kenevo SL Expert is available now, in extremely limited numbers. You can also shop our full range of Specialized Turbo E-Bikes here!