Bike Box Hire

Planning a trip away with your bike? Making sure your pride and joy reaches its destination in one piece should be top priority, that’s why we now offer bike box rental from our stores. Our bike box rental is charged at £5 per day with a one-off fee of £25 (a £150 security deposit will be required, refundable upon bike box return). The fee is charged from the day you collect to the day you drop the bike box back to your chosen store.
To book your rental simply fill in the booking form below. Remember to book from the day you wish to collect the bike bag from us until the day you wish to return it.

Book A Bike Box Today

To book a bike box for store collection couldn’t be easier. Select the date you would like to collect the bike box until the date you want to return the bike box to your local Hargroves Cycles store. Once you have selected your dates please confirm and enter your personal details followed by your preferred store for collection. Once this has been done confirm your booking. Your hire fee, £150 security deposit, and paperwork will be completed at the store on the day of collection, so please allow 20 – 30 mins to collect your bike box. Please be aware the deposit must be taken via debit/credit card, cash will not be accepted

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