Cycle To Work Day. Tips from our consummate commuters.

This Wednesday the 15th of August is officially Cycle To Work Day but that doesn’t stop you cycling in to work on every other day of the week!

We’ve collated some top tips from our workforce to help you make the most of your commute.


You never want to deal with a puncture on the way to work. Check your tyres regularly for cuts, make sure you consider any extra weight of any laptop bags etc. when setting your tyre pressure and pick a tyre that has a good level of puncture protection. The Specialized All Condition Armadillo elite is a favourite of ours.

Plan ahead:

Leave spare clothes, a wash kit, towel and shoes at work, this way you can carry as little as possible, keeping weight on the bike down and keeping your ride to work light and fast.

Plan your route to avoid heavy traffic. The most direct route may not always be the quickest and even if it is, a 30 minute ride on traffic free roads will always trump a 15 minute low speed, car dodging experience.

If you absolutely must carry a bag, keep it light. This Cube Pure Ten backpack is spot on for carrying your essentials, tools and spares and its natural fit technology is designed to keep you comfortable.


Make it part of your fitness regime. Time is important to all of us and with commuting, a full day at work and a social life to contend with, getting into the gym can be tough. You can’t workout in your car but there’s plenty of ways to up your fitness on your bike to work. Work in some interval training in with your commute or extend your route to work to get some extra morning miles in. A cycle to work can also give you a boost in serotonin, dopamine and other feel good chemicals to help keep those stress levels in check.

Keep track of your fitness goals with a Wahoo computer and compete with yourself every day by hunting PB’s on Strava.

Be Prepared:

Make sure your lights are charged. Pack your bag the night before and wear clothing appropriate for the weather conditions.

This light set from CatEye is a great option for those tied to their desks for the day. Both the front and rear lights are USB rechargeable, so you charge it straight from the USB port on your laptop for the ride home.

Go Electric:

It’s not cheating and it could make the difference between slogging in once a week and gliding in daily and less sweaty. It may cost you more at the outset but if it keeps you cycling in you’ll save in the long term. We’re big fans of the Specialized Vado. As well as the power from the custom 250w motor, mudguards and a rear pannier rack as standard make it ready to commute straight out of the box.

Cycle to work schemes:

reduce the cost of your new commuter by purchasing it with a cycle to work scheme. We accept vouchers from multiple providers, check out more detail here or speak to your employer.

With our summer sale now on, up to 42% off bikes and plenty of good weather still to come, there’s never been a better time to get into the habit of cycling to work.

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Cycling To Work – 3 Reasons To Change The Way You Commute

Caught up with the news recently? Then you’ve probably heard about the new study that says cycling to work can cut the risk of cancer and heart disease in half. The five year study carried out by researchers at the University of Glasgow compared the impacts of an ‘active commute’ as opposed to taking public transport or driving in.

Granted, it’s quite a bold statement, and whether or not you think it is totally accurate, there’s no denying that cycling is a fantastic way to keep fit and healthy…and that’s not the only reason people choose to commute to work, as we explore below!

  1. De-Stress – Start your day the right way

How many times do you find yourself stuck in traffic, raging at other drivers? Let’s face it, it’s not the best way to start your day…but imagine a commute that consisted of fresh air, no traffic, and little stress?

Ok, so we’re not saying cycling to work isn’t going to solve all of your problems, but studies have proved that it can reduce stress and anxiety, improve sleeping patterns and alleviate symptoms of depression, so it could make your day just that little bit better!

  1. Get there quicker

Obviously, this is going to depend on where you live, where you’re travelling and how much traffic your area is plagued with, but some commuters find that cycling to their place of work is easier and takes less time than travelling by car or public transport.

Look out for sites like Sustrans, as this will help you find cycling routes in your area, which may just make your commute that much easier!

  1. Save Money

How much money do you spend a week on petrol or public transport? It all adds up!

And granted, purchasing a new bike may seem like a lot of investment up front, but, in the long run, you may end up saving yourself big bucks. And plus, with bike finance options and a cyclescheme available, now is the perfect time to think about changing your daily commute!

Of course, these are just a few of the reasons people choose to cycle to work – we’ve not even gone over the fact that it is great for the environment, a way to get your 30 mins of fitness in without having to go out of your way to exercise and that research shows cyclists avoid inhaling as much pollution as drivers or people who commute on public transport (we know it sounds odd, but we’re not making it up! It’s based on a study by carried out by Imperial College London!)

So, thinking about changing the way you commute to work? Check out some of our favourite Hybrid Bike’s below!

Cube Curve Womens


Cube Curve Womens

Perfect for commuting, exploring urban areas and even further afield, the Cube Curve Womens bike is perfect for those looking for a comfortable, reliable ride every time.

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Scott Sub Cross 40


Scott Sub 40

Perfect for touring and commuting to work, the Scott Sub Cross 40 emphasizes comfort and convenience. Plus, it’s available in both male and female geometries.

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Specialized Alibi Sport Step Thru


Alibi Sport Step Thru

Tyre’s that never go flat? Yes Please! Say hello to the Specialized Alibi Sport Step Thru…

Fed up with fixing this, or pumping that? Specialized hear you, and hence have created the perfect low maintenance bike, designed specifically for women. With it’s easy step thru design, anti rust chain and puncture proof, airless tyres, every ride will be as easy as can be!

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Cube Nature Pro


Cube Nature Pro

Perfect for your everyday commute, and taking on steep, rough trails, the Cube Nature Pro is designed to tackle every ride. With it’s high-quality frame, powerful hydraulic brakes, and a comfortable suspension fork, the Nature Pro is your partner for every adventure.

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Cannondale Quick Carbon 1


Cannondale Quick Carbon 1

Boasting an ultra-light frame and the comfort of a more upright riding position, the Cannondale Quick Carbon 1 is designed to slay miles of carbon with ease.

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Cube Reaction Hybrid HPA Pro 500


Cube Reaction Hybrid HPA Pro 500

Perfect for weekend rides, and daily commutes, the Cube Reaction Hybrid HPA Pro 500 offers extra power on tap, to make every journey faster and more exciting. With the latest Bosch drive technology, this e-bike combines second to none performance with day to day practicality!

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