New Bianchi Specialissima climbing bike uses Countervail technology

Recently I was lucky enough to go out to Italy for the launch of Bianchi’s new ultra light road frame, the Specialissima CV. After a short flight we arrived in beautiful Italy to sunshine and mountains that would flatter any picture you take, after a 30 minute drive into the mountains we sat down and went straight into the Specialissima presentation. It quickly became apparent that this was a completely new concept to this style of bike (Ultralight category range), it takes the concept of a comfort bike and tunes it to a performance bike. Strange as it sounds it is something that Bianchi have managed to pull off! However as the presentation went on I learned that the ‘countervail technology’, previously seen in the Infinito CV, had been used to advance the bikes performance to increase traction, control and reduce fatigue! Countervail technology is a vibrations cancelling component which is layered into the carbon fibre in the production process, it has been developed by NASA and tailored for bikes by Bianchi themselves. It is unique to Bianchi and has how been used in 3 models, Infinito CV, Specialissima CV and Aquila CV. 3 completely different bikes but all can use Countervail in different ways to make the bike more comfortable, transfer all of your power, reduce fatigue and allow you to maintain a position for longer.