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Unboxing and building your new bike from Hargroves Cycles

So you’ve received your new bike from us, exciting times are ahead! All of our bikes are pre-built and tested so there are just a few tasks to complete before your bike is ready to ride.

Before assembly, thoroughly check over the bike for any damage that may have been caused in transit. Next, clear a safe and suitable workspace to avoid any damage to the bike or your surroundings.


  • Hex wrenches
  • Torx wrenches
  • Torque wrenches
  • Pedal wrench (where required)
  • Handbook


Carefully remove all packaging and zip ties from the cycle. If using any sharp objects be careful not to damage the contents of the package.


Fit handlebars to front of stem and evenly tighten faceplate over bars using a 4/5 mm Allen key to manufacturer’s torque settings.


Identify your brake type and wheel attachment system and follow the specific instructions found below.


Remove the disc brake spacer from the caliper. This is a plastic spacer keeping the pads separated for the disc to locate between. After the spacer is removed, before the wheel is installed, DO NOT squeeze the front brake lever.

Lift the fork and position the front wheel under the fork. As you lower the fork, carefully position the wheel so that the brake rotor fits between the pads in the brake caliper. Then, lower the fork further and align the hub axle ends with the fork dropouts.

Temporarily disconnect the curved brake cable guide from the bracket that holds it. After you disconnect, the brake arms will spring outward, creating more space for the wheel.

Lift the fork and position the front wheel under the fork. First align the wheel so that the tyre fits between the brake pads. Next, lower the fork further and align the hub axle ends with the fork dropouts.

Locate the front brake quick release lever on the brake caliper. Move this lever up. You will see this causes the caliper arms and brake pads to spring outward, opening up to create more space for the wheel to pass through.

Lift the fork and position the front wheel under the fork. First align the wheel so that the tyre fits between the brake pads. Next, lower the fork further and align the hub axle ends with the fork dropouts.


If your bike has a thru-axle it will generally be already installed in the forks of your new bike when it arrives. Simply undo the bolt end and slide the axle out of the forks. Insert your front wheel into the forks and slide the thru-axle back through the dropouts and hub. Then re-attach the bolt you removed at the beginning torquing to the manufacturer specification.

The quick release assembly will be in the small parts box. Remove the adjusting nut and the first conical spring. Insert the skewer through the hollow axle in the centre of the hub.

Reinstall the conical spring over the threaded end of the skewer, small end first. Be sure that the quick-release lever is positioned on the opposite side of the brake disc. Reinstall the adjusting nut, threading it onto the threaded end of the skewer. A few turns are enough at this stage. The critical final adjustment will be made after the wheel is installed in the fork by moving the lever to the ‘closed’ position, this should be achieved without using too much force.

The nutted axle is one where outer hex nuts are used to hold the wheel axle in the dropouts. When installing a bolt on axle, you may have to turn the nuts anticlockwise and spread the axle washers out to create some space on the axle so that it fits into the fork dropouts. The blades of the fork should fit securely between the inner and outer nuts.


Re-connect front brake using 5mm Allen key to manufacturer’s torque settings. Make sure brake blocks are an even distance from the rim and brake cables are not wrapped around the frame which restricts the movement of the forks.


Insert seatpost and saddle to the seat tube of the cycle. Set the saddle to the correct position and tighten to manufacturer’s torque settings.


Take note of the Frame Number which is usually stamped on the underside of the Bottom Bracket shell. This is used for insurance purposes and may be required if the bike is stolen.


Fit pedals to crank arms with a 15mm spanner or Allen key depending on pedal type. With the wheels on the ground, install the right pedal(R) to the right side crank arm (side with gears) left (L)pedal to non geared side. Pedals are marked on their axles with L & R. When looking at the crankset straight on, right hand pedal tightens clockwise, left hand pedal tightens anticlockwise. Be careful NOT to cross the threads of the pedals in the crank arm – initially use your fingers to make sure the pedals thread in smoothly – they should initially thread in easily with little resistance. Make sure the pedals are VERY firmly tightened – you should use your full weight on the spanner to ensure this. Incorrectly installed pedals will ruin your crankset. If you are unsure please call us to speak to one of our mechanics before you attempt to ride the bike. We WILL NOT be held responsible for incorrectly installed pedals – all of our bikes are pre built, tested and checked (including pedal fitment).


Now fit reflectors to forks or handlebars (white) and to seat pin (red).


Make sure that bars, pedals and seatpost are tight and in the correct position to manufacturer’s torque settings. Check the brakes and gears are working and wheels are secured before riding.

10. ENJOY!

After the initial ride check all nuts on bike are tight, especially handlebars, stem, pedals, wheels and brakes to manufacturer’s torque settings. For additional information refer to the owner’s manual.

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Castelli Spring Summer 2021 Range

This weekend the weather took a turn in the right direction, the leg warmers are well and truly off! With the arrival of the sunshine, we thought we’d take a look at some of the highlights of Castelli’s 2021 Spring/Summer range. With technology developed alongside the Ineos Grenadiers trickling down across the whole range, Castelli creates products that not only perform at the very highest level but that look good while doing so. With comfort and style in mind, Castelli SS21 collection sees updates to some of the Italian brand’s best-loved kit along with all-new cycling bib shorts, jerseys and accessories. Here we walk you through some of the key pieces for Men and Women.

Men’s Competitiione Bib Short
The Competizione is a premium bibshort in look and feel. The sort of thing that’s ideal to pull on for a Sunday club ride but is equally at home being raced in. When you’re pinning on a number you need kit that you can forget about and simply concentrate on the road in front of you, the Competizione lets you do just that. The Giro4 leg gripper features silicone stripes to help lock the legs in place, this technology along with the Vortex textured fabric comes straight from Castelli’s top-of-the-line Free Aero Race 4 bibshort. Other features include a KISS Air2 chamois, flat-lock stitching and breathable mesh straps.

Women’s Prima Bibshort
Castelli understands how hard it is to get one of the most important pieces of cycling clothing right. With the Prima bibshort they’ve taken their obsession of making the perfect bibshort and packaged it into an entry-level short in terms of price with a zero-compromise approach in terms of performance. From the Women’s specific KISS Air2 chamois to the Pro Dry Soft material the Prima bibshort has a premium look and feel. Ride this short all summer long then take it indoors to the trainer come the colder months. If you’re looking for your ideal Women’s specific, Summer Road Cycling bibshort the Prima is exactly that!

Men’s Rapido Jersey
Featuring a striking graphic comprising of lines and fades, this is a jersey that not only looks fast, it performs at the highest level. Utilising Strada micromesh fabric with a 7% Lycra content the Rapido jersey is designed to fit without being overly tight making it suitable for all body shapes. With an easy on/off full-length zip and Tailwind dimpled fabric on the shoulders, side panels and pockets, the Rapido is the perfect all-day Summer jersey.

Women’s Gradient Jersey
Based on Castelli’s long-distance Squadra jersey that you may be familiar with, the Gradient jersey is designed to keep you comfortable mile after mile. Featuring ProSecco Micromesh fabric to help wick moisture away with breathable mesh side panels, the Gradient jersey provides a great close-to-body fit ideal for long days on the bike we all dream of.

Men’s Classifica Jersey
The Men’s Classifica jersey oozes style. Slip this jersey on for your next training ride and as you clock up the miles you’re bound to turn heads for all the right reasons. Offering supreme comfort, the micro-piqué knit fabric offers moisture management and has a super-soft feel. With a close-to-body fit that offers slightly more room then Castelli’s race kit, the Classifica jersey offers as much style at the cafe stop as it does performance on the bike.