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Best Bike Lights For Commuting

Ever wondered why more and more people are choosing to commute to work? If you haven’t checked out our Cycling To Work post, it may shed some light. 

So whether you commute to work in a bid to keep fit and healthy, to beat the traffic and get to work quicker or simply if you’re fed up of spending money on petrol and want a cheaper way of travel, cycling to work is becoming more appealing; and better yet, even safer.

And of course, safety when riding should be at the forefront of any rider’s mind on their commute to work… meaning as the days get shorter and the night draws in ever closer, a good set of bike lights should be on every commuter’s hit list.
Bike Lights For Commuting

But if you’re struggling to find the perfect light, don’t panic! We’ve picked out some of our most popular lights from Exposure, Cateye and Moon to help make your decision that bit easier…

Exposure Strada 1200 Front Light – £260.96

Exposure Strada 1200

Delivering remarkable performance without compromising space on your handlebars, it’s no wonder the Strada 1200 is known as the premium road light. With a powerful 1200 lumens available and a max run time of 36 hours, you needn’t worry about riding in the dark anymore. 

The Strada 1200 also features Exposure’s Day Bright technology. You may be shocked to find out that 80% of all traffic accidents involving cyclists happen during the day, which is why this new technology is so popular with safety conscious commuters. Designed to make you visible even in the brightest of sunlight, using a specific pulse pattern and lumen intensity, Day Bright was created to cut through distractions of busy roads, and make you visible from over a kilometer away.

Moon LX760 & Neubla Light Set – £118.79

Moon LX760 & Nebula Light Set

If you’re looking for a mid-range set of lights , these Moon LX760 & Nebula lights are a favourite with commuters looking for a no thrills, reliable set. Providing 760 lumens for the front light and a further 100 lumens for the rear light, this Nebula set has seven modes and offers a maximum run-time of up to 20 hours.

Cateye Volt 800 Front Light – £89.99

Cateye Volt 800 Light

Offering a respectable 800 lumens, Cateye’s Volt 800 really is a great choice for commuter’s who need a reliable light to help get them from A to B. With 5 different modes including three constant and two flashing, the Volt 800 offers undeniable value and for it’s size and weight, you’d be hard pushed to find another light with an output as good as this one.

Moon Meteor- X Auto & Arcturus Auto Set – £56.24

Meteor- X Auto & Arcturus Auto Set

Ideal for your everyday ride, the Moon Meteor- X Auto & Arcturus Auto Set is compact, yet powerful. With an integrated sensor that turns the lights on or off depending on the surrounding conditions, and offering 450 lumens on it’s day flashing mode, this set will keep you seen and safe.

Cateye EL130 / TL135 Light Set – £24.99

Cateye EL130 / TL135 Light Set

If you’re looking for lights on a budget, you probably can’t go wrong with this light set from Cateye. Simple and no thrills, these lights are waterproof, come with three modes and come available with a clothing clip, meaning you can mount the lights where you like!

Cateye Orb Light Set – £17.99

Cateye Orb Light Set

Last but by no means least, we’ve got the Cateye Orb Light Set. Up to 50 hours run time for under £20…need we say anymore? Effective, and simply great value!

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Best Winter Clothing To Keep Yourself Warm

Now the temperature is dropping below freezing and the winter nights draw in earlier and earlier each day, it’s that time of year to pull out your winter clothing. Or if you’re totally unprepared, and have no clue on what to look for then this little guide should help you out. From waterproof jackets to mudguards and fancy bike lights, we’ve got you covered from head to toe.


The key to keeping warm this winter is to layer up, and you’ve got to do this smartly! The most obvious one to start with (especially with the English weather’s reputation) is your outer layer. You want a breathable waterproof/windproof jacket that you can slip on and not only feel comfortable but dry. One important aspect to keep in mind is being seen! We’ll go into more details about the obvious ways of doing this (lights), but remember to get a jacket that either has reflective patches or is fluorescent yellow!


Our pickAltura Attack 360 Waterproof Jacket (£152.99) – This jacket is waterproof (tick), breathable (double tick) and is durable (tick tick tick). Made with Altura’s Shield Technology, offering 3 layers of breathability that maintain your core temperature, and water/wind protection that bounces water right back at the clouds.

Base Layers

More importantly or at least equally as important, is your base layer. Don’t go throwing on any old t-shirt under your jacket as this is going to end in disaster (or at least a runny nose and feeling like pants). T-shirts are generally a bad idea, as they collect sweat and in sub-zero conditions, you will feel the cold way more, as you’re constantly in contact with freezing sweat. There are base layers that wick away sweat from your body keeping you dry and keeping the warmth in.


Our pickSpecialized 1st Layer Seamless Base Layer (£49.99) – this is perfect for keeping you warm and dry. Transporting moisture away from the skin and creating the perfect microclimate between your skin and jersey. Incredibly comfortable, and is stretchy enough not to cause chafing.


For added warmth, add in a jersey to your layers to make sure your upper body doesn’t lose any heat. There are plenty around that can work in unison with your base layer, getting that sweat away from your body and making sure the micro-climate within your layers stays the same. Again, they are breathable and lightweight allowing protection and comfort.


Our pickCastelli Potenza Grey Jersey (£174.99) – With reflective piping around the waistband and down the zips, this has you covered for visibility. Not only that, it manoeuvres sweat away from your body and onto the outside layer of the jersey. Combine this with a base layer, you’ll have a train of sweat working its way through the layers of your clothes.

Overshoes, Hats and Gloves

Much like heads, shoulders, knees and toes, you cannot forget about your head, hands and feet! Hats, gloves and overshoes are just a few important accessories to keeping yourself warm when cycling this winter. You lose a lot of heat from your head, so you want to lock that down asap. Obviously keeping your fingers warm is a no brainer, most gloves nowadays are wind/waterproof and some even have reflective strips! Overshoes might not be for every cyclist, but they do keep your feet dry, however. Other good options are the classic thermal socks for warmth and comfort.


Our picksCastelli Narcisista 2 Shoecover (£54.99) – This reduces cold feet dramatically, lined with fleece to keep the heat in.
Gore Bike Wear ROAD GTX-1 Gloves (£59.99) – Easy to adjust and a perfect fit. These gloves are made from Gore-Tex and even has absorbent material on the thumb to wipe away that sweaty brow.
Altura Windproof Skullcap (£17.09) – A lovely insulated cap, that’ll keep your noggin’ cosy, with bonus reflective trim!

Bibtights and Trousers

To keep those legs pedalling during the winter months bib tights are probably the way to go. Most offer to windproof to keep out those nasty bone-chilling winds, but waterproof tights seem to be few and far between. Not to say that the bib tights do not have any water protection, most brands have a waterproof finish, enabling water to slip off effortlessly. If you want full waterproof protection, the best product for you is a pair of waterproof trousers, that can easily slip on over your normal pair (if you’re commuting that is)!


Our picksCastelli Nanoflex 2 Bibtights (£109.99) – Padded in all the right places, with the lower inner leg being completely waterproof! The fabric is stretchy, warm and comfortable. Perfect for those longer rides.
Altura Nightvision Overtrousers (£61.19) – Easy to pull over your everyday clothes, reflective trim to keep you seen and a breathable waterproof fabric that will keep you dry. What more could you want?


Last but not least is a couple of accessories that are going to keep you safe and dry (to an extent). Mudguards are perfect for keeping that muddy water from splashing in your face, or worse, up your bum where it might look like you’ve had an accident or two. There is a huge range of lights available, and for the most part, they all do their job quite well. Just make sure you have enough lumens to light up what’s in front of you and a strong rear light.


Our picksMucky Nutz Butt Fender (£7.50) – In Mucky Nutz’s own words “It prevents soggy arse syndrome”. What more can I say?
Cateye Volt 200 Xc/Rapid Mini Set (£53.99) – This front/rear set is perfect to illuminate those dark country lanes. USB rechargeable and at least 3 hours’ worth of light, will get you to and from work (or out for a nice evening ride).

Hopefully, all this gear will keep you riding even in the sub-zero temperatures. Let us know what keeps you warm whilst out and about!