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Best Full Suspension Mountain Bikes Over £2,000

If you’re in the market for a high end full suspension mountain bike now could be the perfect time to splash some cash. Big brands such as Specialized, Cannondale and GT have all slashed between 15 and 25% off their retail prices which could save you a bucket load of money. We’re also offering 0% finance on selected sale bikes too which means you can spread the investment at no extra cost.

You might already have your eye on your dream bike, but if you’re not sure where the best deals lie we’ve picked out a couple of key bikes from our road and mountain bike ranges that are still available in most sizes.

What you should expect from a £2,000 bike

Bikes costing north of £2,000 are likely to have some form of carbon frame. That said, don’t let an alloy frame put you off though. Some riders also prefer the feel of an alloy frame, especially on bigger burlier trails but if you’re looking for the lightest full suspension bike money can buy then carbon is going to be the obvious choice. If you’re in the market for hard-tail mountain bike at this price point then it would be reasonable to expect a good quality full carbon frame (ideally with internal cable routing).

There are lots of other elements to a full suspension frame that you should consider too like rear shock linkage and rear axle type all of which we won’t go into detail here but if you need some advice, give us a call or pop into one of our stores.

Disc brakes are an absolute staple at this level as well as a good quality suspension fork. There are lots of suspension fork brands out there at the moment, but some key names to look out for would be FOX and Rockshox and Marzocchi – they all make very good forks, especially for bikes at this kind of price point.

Specialized Camber FSR Comp Carbon 29 – Now £2,249

While big travel trail bikes are pretty awesome, they aren’t always the best tools for the job. If you’re looking for a quick bike that can handle climbs as well as technical descents this could be the bike for you. This bike has big 29” diameter wheels that roll over anything. The front triangle of the frame is made from carbon and the rear triangle alloy. Equipped with a FOX rear shock and Rockshox Revelation RC3 front fork this bike can soak up some pretty hefty bumps.

Specialized Stumpjumper FSR Elite 27.5 Inch – Now £2,624

With a saving of over £875 on the table the Stumpjumper FSR Elite 27.5 is worth a look. Granted it’s pretty leary with it’s uber fluro yellow frame. The bike is spec’d with a Rockshox Pike RC front fork which provides 150mm of super smooth travel to soak up big bumps and the occasional jump. A SRAM drive-train coupled with Shimano SLX brakes ensures smooth gear changing and reliable braking.

Specialized Stumpjumper FSR Comp Carbon 6Fattie – Now £2,624

We couldn’t not feature a plus bike because they are so much fun to ride! The Specialized Comp Carbon 6Fattie has plus size tyres which are 3 inches wide. They might look like hard work to pedal but they’re really not and they offer an incredible amount of grip. This is a really well spec’d bike for the money and even has Fox front and rear suspension.

GT Sanction Expert – Now £2,079.99

This has been one of our best selling bikes this season and at the discounted price of £2,079.99 in our GT sale it’s easy to see why. First up it looks gorgeous. The midnight blue frame with contrasting white Marzocchi forks really sets the bike off a treat. The Sanction is a purpose-built enduro bike that can climb as well as descend. From personal experience I can tell you that the Fox Float X CTD rear shock is the best shock I have ever had the pleasure of riding; It’s easy to use and just works. The dropper seat-post and Maxxis high roller tyres finish the bike of brilliantly.

GT Fury Expert – Now £2,799.00

Downhill bikes aren’t for everyone, let’s face it you have to be a little bit nuts to throw yourself off huge drops, steep rocky sections and pull huge air over table tops higher than most peoples houses. However, this is possibly one of the coolest looking DH bikes this season. GT have got the colour-scheme spot on, so it’s not surprising these are flying out the door. For £2.8k you get an awesome spec and a frame capable of taking the biggest hits. Personally I would buy the bike on looks alone, but I’m sure the downhiller’s among us can spot the value for money in this bike a mile off.

We hope that helps pin-point a couple of bikes you might not have considered…Happy riding!

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Best Bikes Under £500

If you’re looking to buy a new bike for under £500 there are plenty of bargains to be had. It’s also the time of year when brands such as Specialized and Cannondale start to reduce this year’s models as they release details of their new ranges for 2018. Specialized for instance are offering up to 33% off selected models, some of which feature here.

What you should expect from a £500 bike

If you’re looking for the best bike you can buy for £500 there are a couple of things you should consider spec wise. Firstly for that kind of money you should expect it to have a good quality, durable aluminium or frame. The Specialized Rockhopper Sport for example has an A1 Premium Aluminium frame. This means is going to be fairly light and able to handle a few knocks and bumps.


At the £500 mark, you should also be expecting disc brakes as opposed to conventional V-Brakes. V-brakes still feature on cheaper bikes around the £250 mark so aren’t completely extinct. Disc Brakes however perform so much better, especially in poor weather conditions when it’s rainy and muddy. They also stop you faster and give you more control over your braking so it’s no surprise manufacturers are using these more and more.

Most mountain bikes these days come with suspension forks at the front of the bike to provide a bit of cushioning on bumpier sections of road or trail. It’s important to remember that not all suspension forks are equal. They range from basic to high performance. At the £500 mark, you would expect a functional suspension fork with around 75 – 100mm of travel and if you’re lucky a lock-out mode. Travel refers to how much the forks move up and down to absorb the shock of the bumps in the road. A lock-out feature gives the rider the ability to turn the suspension off. Turning off the suspension is particularly useful on steep climbs and flat sections of a smooth road.

Specialized Sirrus

Specialized Sirrus 2017 Hybrid Bike

Looking to get into shape this summer? Then look no further than the Specialized Sirrus. This hybrid bike is the perfect option for people who want to get out and explore, and keep fit at the same time. The no nonsense approach to design means this bike will give you everything you need, but nothing that you don’t!

With reliable components, and a premium, lightweight A1 frame, you’ll be riding for years to come. And don’t worry about long days in the saddle; with comfortable body geometry components that take the sting out of riding, you’ll be able to push yourself to the limit every time.

Specialized Rockhopper Sport

Specialized Rockhopper Sport

Dirt curious and looking to find your legs on the trails? Then the Specialized Rockhopper Sport is the bike to live out your mountain biking fantasies. This entry level mountain bike places focus on the long haul performance, and is built to last; with components selected  for their strength and durability, and corrosion resistant hardware, you’ll be able to tackle whatever the trails throw in your direction.

With a lightweight, A1 Premium frame and geometry that’s guaranteed to make you feel planted, confident and efficient out on the dirt, you’ll be climbing the trails and making light work of the descents every time.

Specialized Alibi Sport

Specialized Alibi Sport

Who has the time to be pumping this, and fixing that? No one! That’s why you need the Specialized Alibi Sport in your life. Ready to roll whenever you are, this hybrid bike removes any need for dirty maintenance, thanks to it’s anti rust chain and puncture proof, airless tires that will never go flat, and never need pumping!

With it’s premium A1 frame and body geometry grips and saddle designed specifically for women, not only does the Alibi provide a comfy ride, but also offers a wide range of gears, to help you conquer any hill that stands in your path.

Cannondale Trail 5

Cannondale Trail 5

Ready to fall in love with mountain biking? Then the Cannondale Trail 5 is here to take you on your new journey. After 30 year’s worth of designing bikes for the world’s top racers, Cannondale have learnt a thing or two, and have packed this bike with technology and features that offer fast, confident fun for every ride.

Specialized Pitch 650B

Specialized Pitch Mountain Bike

One of this year’s best sellers, the Specialized Pitch is the bike you need if you want to get off the road, and onto some trails. Equally part-performance driven, the Pitch was created with a light, aluminum frame and quality components; hand selected for their long term strength and capability.

Cannondale Quick Althea 2

Cannondale Quick Althea 2 Hybrid Bike

Ready to explore? The Cannondale Quick Althea 2 is waiting to bring out your adventurous side. Whether you’re looking for a bike to get you from A to B for your daily commute, or you’re looking for something to take on some dirt-road exploration, this hybrid bike is your perfect match in all things adventure.

Scott Aspect 750

Scott Aspect 750 Mountain Bike

Designed to be light, efficient and not too harsh on you wallet, the Scott Aspect 750 is a firm favourite for a reason. Featuring a nifty fork lockout mechanism, disc brakes and Syncros components, mountain bikes perfect for novice riders don’t get much better than this.


Specialized Vita

Specialized Vita 2017 Hybrid Bike

The Specialized Vita is your perfect partner in all things fitness. With this hybrid bike, you don’t have to worry about emptying every last pound in your pocket to get out, have a great ride, and stay in shape; the Vita offers a fantastic value bike that will enable you to ride with maximum efficiency, whilst making sure you stay comfortable in the saddle.